Dental Implants

Dental implants abroad

Do you have one or more missing teeth, which you are desperate to replace? Are you tempted by the idea of receiving dental implants abroad because of how cheap they seem? You may have heard about receiving dental implants abroad but is it really a good idea? A week in the sun may be very enticing but it is important to weigh up each and every option, before opting to receive dental implants abroad.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants offer a permanent, lifelong solution for the replacement of missing teeth. Simply put, dental implants come in the form of small, titanium rods which are placed directly into the jaw bone. These rods have an attachment head, known as an abutment, which enables the actual tooth restoration to be fastened onto it.

The tooth restorations come in form of dental crowns, dentures and dental bridges and are designed to mimic that of a natural tooth. Implants provide strong support to the restorations and blend in with the rest of the teeth completely. Nobody will even know that you've undergone any dental work!

Advantages of Receiving Dental Implants Abroad

  1. Dental implants abroad are between 50-70% cheaper to receive than here in the UK.
  2. The process is guaranteed to be much quicker, in most European contrived the process is completed within 3-4 overnight stays.
  3. This means you can plan your implants around a holiday perhaps? Enjoy a week in Europe then have your implants fitted towards the end of your holiday!

Disadvantages of Receiving Dental Implants Abroad

  1. There would be a major lack in aftercare, simply due to the 3-4 overnight stay. You may struggle finding a dentist who can provide aftercare back in the UK if you choose to invest in dental implants abroad.
  2. If anything went wrong with the implants you would have to travel back to where you purchased them from.
  3. You may expect to have exactly what you pay for, in some countries cheap dental implants are exactly that – cheap. Some countries do not invest in high quality materials, which will often cause implant failure or infection. Please bear this in mind if you are travelling for your implants.

How Much Planning Is Involved In Receiving Dental Implants Abroad?

It is important to note that receiving a dental implant abroad may follow the exact same process that it does here, in the UK. You must take into consideration:

Although receiving a dental implant abroad may seem enticing, it is also very important to weigh the costs, risks involved and the timescale you're likely to be away for. For more information, it is advised you visit your local cosmetic dentist.